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A member of the international working class.


Whether there are seven stages or not, there are different stages in life. I remember my French and Burmese phases, and they still linger in me. My legal education has certainly taken me to the "law" phase. I begin to see everything "according to the rule of law" and perhaps live my life in terms of American Jurisprudence, 2d. I want to use this "salonosphere" (a very appropriate word coined by Beth) to explore everyday issues through the lenses of law, and to help me see that theory and practice can go hand in hand.


Often, I wonder whether I should categorize this section, but I think they are all interrelated. So here they are: law, comparative criminal procedure, e-rulemaking, the Cairns project, enlargement of the EU, Sarko/Jospin, China, e-democracy, french films, Chabrol, oil/gas pipelines projects, Paulo Coelho, Milan Kundera, James Simon (What Kind of Nation, and his Con Law class), Magritte, Lucien Freud, sky-diving, Richard Wagner, Coldplay (Fix You), Prodigy, Khaled (Aïcha), Wislawa Szymborska, JJ Goldman, Bora Bora, Rangoon, Sloane Square, tête du veau, Petrossian, and Shanghainese's dumplings, Megu.